We all have holidays and breaks away. That’s why at Watford Gracie Jiu-Jitsu every account holder has the option to Freeze their account when they know in advance they (and/or their children) will not be able to use our services. These are the rules of freezing an account:

  • You can freeze your account for up to a maximum of 2 months per year.
  • The smallest period of time you can freeze an account for is 1 week.
  • If any of the students on your account account come to class during a frozen period the freeze is void.
  • You cannot freeze a cancelled account.
  • If you cancel your account while it is frozen the freeze will become void.
  • Once your number of weeks frozen equals a months worth you will not be charged for the next pay date.
  • The only method to freeze an account is to use our official FORM.
  • You can only Freeze your account in advance of any classes held during the Freeze period.