Class Chapters

Class Types

These will be listed on our schedule so you can make sure you bring the right equipment to class.

GI – Traditional White Gi’s to be worn as per the Gracie Combatives Classes

NO GI – Official Gracie or WatfordGJJ Rashguards to be worn on top and Official Gracie Fight Shorts for the bottoms

Fight Simulation (Fight Sim) – 12 to 16 Oz gloves & Mouth Guards (Mandatory)

Weapons Defence – Practice weapons (stick, knife, gun) will be needed for Chapter 7

Sparring – Mouth Guards are Mandatory Groin Boxes are optional. No sparring unless an instructor is present.

NOTE: Every Class will be either GI or NO GI and include Sparring. Some classes may include Fight Sim check Schedule below for details.

MasterCycle Schedule

GI is on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
No-Gi is on Monday, Thursday, Saturday