Today was an exciting day at Watford Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as we promoted a number of our Jr. Grapplers into the Black Belt Club.

Through our Bullyproof program, we teach our students how to stand up for themselves using non-violent techniques. Our program focuses on building self-confidence as well as teaching kids when and how to use Jiu-Jitsu responsibly to stand up to bullies.

The Black Belt Club, which will begin from March 2015, is an invitation only club for those Jr. Grapplers who have shown excellence in their training. Aside from showing development in their physical training, these students have also demonstrated that they also have a keen eye for details, strong leadership qualities, and a good attitude towards learning as well as towards others.

Within the Black Belt Club the students will continue to develop the techniques they have already learned as well as add to their arsenal of moves. They have proven that they have the discipline, ability, and enthusiasm to flourish within our program. We are excited to now fuel their desire and help them grow into successful Jiu-Jitsu practitioners!

BBC1 2015

Congratulations —– we wish you all the best!

(L-R: Miles, Zac, Elliot, Hamza, and Ali — not picture, Pavel)

Our next Black Belt Promotion will be in a few months. These are the characteristics we look for in our students:

–       Excellent focus and behavior in class

–       Complete understanding of all the techniques in the Jr. Combatives curriculum

–       Excellent attitude and character both on and off the mat (disciplined, kind, courteous, helpful, and caring)