Watford Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Rules

When attending our Classes please follow these rules:

  1. Always make sure your finger & toe nails are cut short before the class.
  2. Always wash your hands before the class.
  3. Remove all jewellery. You could injure yourself, your team-mates, or otherwise damage the jewellery.
  4. Your Gi has to be washed after every class.
  5. All Gi’s have to be white
  6. Maintain your training uniform in good condition. Never wear a ripped, torn or stained uniform.
  7. Please do not walk around bare chest.
  8. Always greet the Instructor when entering the mat at the start of the class
  9. When the Instructor calls for line up, do so quickly and quietly.
  10. Let your Instructor know if you need to leave the mat before the end of class.
  11. Let your Instructor know if you expect a lengthy absence from classes.
  12. Always let your Instructor know if you are injured or ill.
  13. Arrive 10 minutes prior to any scheduled class. If you are late for the start of class, assume front position outside of the mat, wait for the Instructor’s attention and ask permission to join the mat.
  14. Students must put phones on vibrate or silent mode.
  15. No shoes, food or drink on the mat.
  16. No foul language will be tolerated.
  17. Always wear a mouth guard when sparring. Groin box is optional
  18. There are no barriers between the sexes

Our Advice

  1. Wear a clean gi, live a clean life.
  2. Identify the hidden lesson in every tap.
  3. Log on to GracieUniversity.com regularly.
  4. Become a black belt in Gracie Combatives.
  5. Use training time wisely. Talk less, drill more.
  6. When nursing injuries, come to class and observe.
  7. Respect all students and make their safety your priority.
  8. Go beyond techniques; become a student of principles.
  9. Make the most of the mat. Leave your ego at the door.
  10. Learn to become comfortable in worst case scenarios.
  11. Be eager to share/receive knowledge from anyone.
  12. Like our Grand Master, learn to instruct yourself.
  13. Pace yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  14. Learn how to fight so you never have to.
  15. Learn to learn between the lines.
  16. Tap early and tap often.