Jr Grapplers Bullyproof Changes

Jr Grappler student can no longer attend Little Champs classes unless they have a sibling in the Little Champs Class or they are a Black Belt Club member. Although the time for this has come to an end it has opened up more possibilities for Jr Grappler students. We are now launching the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Club for Jr Grappler Students. At this stage it will not be a separate class however student will still be able to achieve the position and get awarded the patch. There will be requirements to be awarded this status and benefits.


  • Superb Focus and Behavior in class
  • Good understanding of the Jr Combatives Curriculum
  • Must follow all chapters of the the Gracie Charatcer development program all the time at home
  • Must be kind, caring and helpful to the instructor and other students in class
  • Must pass a test on all of the above


  • Will be rewarded with the Grace Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Club Patch (placed horizontally on the left arm)
  • Can be an junior assistant instructor in Little Champs & Jr Grappler Classes
  • Get to kick the Dodgeball or join in during class or Gracie Games Day
  • Attend the Black Belt Club Class (NOT YET LAUNCHED)

This is the highest honour to achieve for any junior student.