Gracie Character Development

Parent Information

There are six chapters in the Character Development Program, each of which features one essential character trait that we are dedicated to instilling in your child. Each chapter takes 2 months to complete. During this period we dedicate a portion of the time in each class to educating your child on the meaning and importance of the featured trait. We also discuss the simple things they can do to make the character trait a part of their everyday life.

Character Development Chapters
Jan – Feb
Mar – Apr
Jul – Aug
Sep – Oct
Nov – Dec

Qualifying for Gracie Game Day

The children who score their age times 100 Game Day Points during the two-month chapter qualify to attend Gracie Game Day (i.e. 7 year old child must score 700 Points to qualify). On this special Saturday event, all qualified children get dropped off at Watford Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (location TBA) for 2 hours of nothing but fun and games. The best part about this reward is that your child’s eligibility is entirely based on your approval and confirmation of their at-home character development progress during the two-month period. So don’t be surprised if your child is overly excited about doing their chores!

Parent Point-Tracking Program

Triangle Tracking System – You will track your child‟s character development progress by awarding them Game Day Points on the front side of this sheet. Crossing out each triangle signifies the awarding of 10 Game Day Points. You will start by crossing out the triangles in the “5 Dodge Balls” and once they are full, you will continue tracking points by crossing out the triangles surrounding the edges of the sheet. If your child surpasses the 1800 point mark you should continue tracking their points on a separate sheet of blank paper (simply use X’s to signify 10 points).
Bonus Points: Any points scored beyond the minimum qualification amount (Child’s Age X 100 Points) are considered Bonus Points. The child who acquires the most Bonus Points wins the Grand Prize (See Front)!
10 POINTS – The most important character trait we want your child to develop is respect and appreciation for you, their parents. Any time you ask your child to do something and they obey you without any hassle, you will award them 10 points for that behaviour (see front for point amounts).
20 POINTS – The only thing better than a child who obeys orders is a child who behaves well without being told. Any time your child does something good ON THEIR OWN, you must award them 20 points for that behaviour. To help your child understand the featured character trait, we provide them with several very simple things they can do at home to earn points. When tracking their progress, please remember:
The Integrity of the System: Every child is different and it is very important that you work with your child to help them succeed but that you DO NOT award points so easily that your child stops trying to earn them.
Beyond the Examples: The example behaviours we give your child are only intended to help them understand the character trait. If they do something good that is not on the list of examples, you should award points any ways.
Helpful Hints: Discuss the featured character trait openly with your child and regularly give them hints on things they can do to earn points. To keep them excited, remind them of how much fun they are going to have at Gracie Game Day.
The Secret: The key is to make sure your child understands that you are not asking them to behave well to please you; instead, you are helping them earn points so they can make it to the party. They will respond much more powerfully if you work with them rather than against them.

Gracie Game Sheet

If your child earns enough points to qualify for Gracie Game Day, please add up the points, calculate the bonus points and include them along with your signature on the front of this sheet, and turn it in at the party!

Sheet Example that will be handed out to the parents to take home:

There will be a different sheet for each chapter

How much does the Gracie Game day cost?

It is totally FREE and included in your subscription for the Bullyproof programme.