Gracie Games Day 17-5-14!

This Chapter it will replace the Saturday Classes for the Little Champs & Jr Grapplers. Future Games days will be an extra time slot on Sundays, details to follow…

Gracie Games Day Details
Saturday 17th May 2014 2:15pm – 4:15pm @ Watford Leisure Centre
Address: Watford Leisure Centre, Pearce Prospect, Watford WD17 3HA
This chapter’s focus was on health. So your child(ren) should have been eating fruit, washing their hands, not drinking fizzy drinks, not watching to much TV etc to earn their points to qualify to come on this games day. Whether they achieved their points or not it is your choice as the parents whether they come on the day, so you can use it as extra leverage to get them to behave the way you want.

Please remember to bring your child’s score sheet with you and hand it in on the day. You are very welcome to leave your child with us for the 2 hours but please make sure we have a contact number for you in case of any emergencies.

Bring a friend !!!!
As an extra treat to the children we are allowing them to bring one friend each to the games day. There will be a small form to complete per friend on our website (so we can gauge numbers) soon but the children can start to think / ask the friend they want to bring now.

Watford Leisure Centre is very close to the town hall at the top of Watford. There is parking behind the centre. To access this car park drive past the centre, on the roundabout and turn left immediately after the centre. The car park is relatively small and will say at the barrier if there are spaces or not. If there are NOT spaces you can park on the middle of the roundabout opposite for a small charge. If there are spaces in the car park behind the centre you need to get a ticket (machine at the other end to the barriers) which can be torn in half. Place the large part of the ticket in your car and take the smaller part into the centre with you. At the end of the Games Day you can exchange the smaller part of the ticket for a token to exit the car park.

What to Wear
Children need to wear their Gi’s for the Games Day just as if they were training.

If your Child is attending the Games Day and you fancy helping out for the fun aspect of it you are welcome to do so. Please email: to let me know and I will loan you a Gi for the day. In the email please let me know you height so I can bring the right size Gi (uniform).

Prospective Students under the age of 13
If you would like your child(ren) to come on the Gracie Games Day but you are not part of our Martial Arts School, you are still welcome to attend however we ask in return you let your Child give our Martial Art a 14 day FREE trial, as it could change their lives for the better for ever. Please book your child(ren)’s trial here: (Its totally FREE).
Also please turn up 10-15 minutes early to complete some paperwork.