We welcomed March with another awesome Gracie Games Day with our Little Champs and Jr. Grapplers. Over the past two months our Bullyproof kids have been practicing ‘responsibility.’ They’ve been diligently making their beds, picking up their toys, and doing other tasks at home and at school to demonstrate how responsible they can be. To reward their excellent behavior, we spent two hours on the mats this Sunday doing nothing but playing lots and lots of games.

Among the favorites were jump the snake, cops and robbers, and of course, dodgeball!

GGMar15 Jump1

The kids demonstrated very impressive jumping skills!

GGMar15 Mob of Questions

Everyone was eager to participate!

GGMar15 Dodgeball1

War Balls – an advanced version of Dodgeball – is always a big hit with the kids!

GGDay March 2015 Group

The instructors, parents, and kids had a terrific time!

Special thanks to Nikolai for helping us out on the mats – we appreciated the extra set of hands!


We ended Gracie Games Day with a discussion of our next character development chapter which will be focusing on health. Stay tuned for more details!

GGMar15 Circle6