‘Stranger Danger’ Experiment, Would Your Child Do This?

‘Stranger Danger’ has often been an important conversation that the majority of parents have with their children, along with bits here and there at school. Yesterday (Tuesday 29th October 2013), Daybreak were discussing the issue, and have actually already done an interesting experiment where an actor would approach children at a play area, and ask the child to go with them.

Incredibly, 7 out of the 9 children were lured away from the play area, and if this wasn’t an experiment – who knows what would have happened. So with this shocking experiment completed, Daybreak were discussing the possibility of adding Stranger Danger to the national curriculum at schools – which I believe to be a brilliant idea. The argument against adding it to the curriculum is that teachers are already pressured into trying to teach so much, that it would be difficult for them to actually introduce it, plus if it was, I don’t think that as much emphasis would be put on it as it should be.

However, it is my personal opinion that schools should play a part, but the majority of the education towards strangers should be done at home, by the parents. But that leaves the question of, how do I transfer the knowledge and make it stick with my child?!

Stranger Danger is just as much self-defence as is defending oneself from a physical fight, so at Watford Gracie Jiu-Jitsu we teach Gracie KidSafe™ – a program designed to teach children about strangers approaching them at school, in a park, in a car, at their own home or via the internet, as well as learning what a stranger actually is! Parents watching/listening to this information at our school means that they have the basis for continuing the discussion at home when they feel they need too.

Gracie KidSAFE is included in both our Little Champs & Jr Grapplers Classes