From September we will have lots of mat space which is used for our Combatives, Reflex Development & MasterCycle Classes. While our numbers are not too large we are making this space available to all our Adult Students. So for example if you are a Combatives student you can arrange to meet other Combative students, of our school, at one of the MasterCycle classes to practice drilling your Combatives moves. Likewise if you are a MasterCycle student you can arrange to meet other Students of a similar level to drill your MasterCycle moves in a Combatives or Reflex Development Class.

We have put together a private Forum for our students to make these arrangements that will only be accessible by WatfordGJJ students. You can access this forum here. With access to the videos you can even arrange the moves you plan to work on so every student attending can watch the videos before the meetup. I will also be in class so should you have any questions.

Please note these forums can only be accessed by our schools students. If you are a student and don’t have access please call me on 07963 075 054 (Ben) or talk to me in class for access. Please remember the email address you used to register on this website when asking for student access.

So apart from a Monday and Wednesday you should be able to train every day of the week.