Lesson 0: Promo

Video 1 intro


What is it and why learn it


The different types of leg locks and which we will focus mainly on in the course.


Why Leglocks have been frowned upon particularly the heel hook.  


Why we attack mostly from the bottom and how it will massively increase you open guard game.


When to attack from the top and when not to. Note it isn’t covered in the course but from the information in this course it would be easy for you to do it, plus it is demonstrated in the sparring videos.


Video 2: The hierarchy of LegLock positions (.06)


Slice 1 The positions in the Hierarchy

  1. Straight Single Leg X (Rimi Ashi Gurami)
  2. Cross Single Leg X
  3. Cross Outside Legs (50-50)
  4. Reverse Legs
  5. Straight Single Leg K
  6. Straight Outside Legs (with Heal) (Outside Ashi)
  7. Straight Inside Legs (Game Over/Leg Knot)
  8. Cross Inside Legs (411, Inside Sankaku, Saddle, Honey Hole)

Slice 2 The components to controlling the leg entanglements position (7.44)

  1. Hip to Hip
  2. Scissor control
  3. Double leg control
  4. Claw grips

Slice 3 Basic Control Drills (11.50)

  1. Floor drags
  2. Rolling control


Video 3: Bottom Entries to the Straight Single Leg X


Slice 1 Butt to Butt entry

Learn to pummel your legs to the inside position and use your hands to help.

Slice 2 Shin Guard entry

Sitting guard entry into the straight single leg x

Slice 2 Mount Entry

Try to make your opponent sit up so you can expose the leg using a hip thrust escape

Slice 3 De La Riva Entry

 Try and off balance your opponent so they put their hands on the ground making the entry to the legs possible

Slice 4 Combat Base opposite Hook Entry

Anytime you can hook with the position leg you can elevate and enter the legs.  Most used from combat base or a failed mount attempt

Slice 5 Butterfly Guard Entry

Elevate and enter.  Best done when the opponent is reaching for the floor with their leg when you elevate

Slice 6 Single Leg X to X Guard and Back

Learn the connection process between these important positions

Slice 7 Armbar escape Entry

After you slip elbow turn the pressure by entering their legs

Slice 8 Half Guard Entry

How to get to half butterfly from half guard then using Half Butterfly Guard to enter the legs


Video 4 The straight Single Leg X to Straight Outside Legs transition 


Slice 1 Hooking the exposed heel and rolling through

Very important sequence to learn and get good at as it will open up a lot of the leg lock game when your opponents try and avoid this from happening

Slice 2 Digging the hidden heel.

Only do this from straight single leg x not from the straight outside leg position

Slice 3 Alternate grips – Butterfly, Fig4, Reverse Fig4, Caveman Grip

Most useful for finishing outside heel hooks and they are weaker than inside heel hooks 


Video 5 Advance Controls Drills

Slice 1 Vertical Drills

Front side

Rear side

Slice 2 Leg Switches Drills

Cross Switch

Straight Switch

Slice 3 Inversion Drills

Far Leg Follow through

Leg Switch

Slice 4 Leg Chase

False Grip

Hug Control


Video 6 Cross Inside Legs

Slice 1 Straight to Cross – Leg Over

How to climb from the bottom to the top of the hierarchy

Learning the finishing mechanics from strong side

Slice 2 Dealing with a rolling defence

Rolling with them using claw grip then grabbing the toes to finish.

Toe Grab to stop them from rolling and how to handoff the grip to heel hook

If you get to far behind pass the leg over to Straight Inside Legs

Slice 3 Straight to Cross – Hip Over

Weak Side using Double leg control how to get the finish

Straight Ankle lock finish using RevFig4 & Texas Clover Leaf

Slice 4 Knee on Stomach Entry

Push back to set-up

Bump and knee push entry

Hand pull entry

Back up if fails (Single leg getup)

Slice 5 Failed Armbar entries

2 Var – Elbow slip with 2 possible grips, Elbow Escape


Video 7 Direct Reverse X Entries 

Slice 1 From Straight Single Leg X

Tip them forward to put their weight on their hands.  Use knees to chest then lift

Slice 2 From Straight Single Leg x Shin hook var

Pull the leg towards you using your hand and leg

Slice 2 From Butterfly Guard

Start with practicing the reverse X variation before going direct.

Slice 4 ToeHold backup

Use this if you lose the knee line

Slice 5 Rolling Follow

Be careful not to roll over your neck

Slice 6 Back Take Switch

Although this bad guy behaviour is rarer it good to still know it.


Video 8 Reverse De LA Riva Entries

Slice 1 Full Inverted spin

Slice 2 Reverse Tripod sweep

Slice 3 Inverted Leg Switch

Slice 4 Spin back under


Video 9 Z Guard Entries

Slice 1 Pull Entry

Facedown finish

Roll Through

Slice 2 Shoulder Hike Entry

Knee Lead var

Foot Lead Var

Slice 3 Transitioning to the Half Butterfly

Show previous slices work

Plus show reverse X Entry 2 var- 1) X first then 2) X during lift


Video 10 K Guard Entries

Slice 1 Standing entry

Closed Guard

Failed Armbar

Failed Triangle

Slice 2 Kneeing Entry from Closed Guard


Video 11 Cross Outside Legs

Slice 1 Beating the Leg Cross

Always try to drop your knee to the floor 80/20

Slice 2 Beating the Leg Triangle

Slice 3 Alternate Heel Hook Dig

Using either the Heel Grab or Cork Screw Variation depending on bad guys behaviour

Slice 3 Spin Entry

Standing and kneeling opponent

Slice 4 Transitions up  entry from Straight Single Leg X


Video 12 Leg Lock Defences – Escaping the positions

Slice 1 Straight Single Leg X

Defending when butt to butt and when getting attacked from the bottom

Slice2 Defending From Bottom

Cross Drops

  1. Control Scoop
  2. Heel Dig

Straight Drops

  1. Getup
  2. Spin Out

Slice 3: Heel Hook Slips

  1. Dig Prevention 2 Variations
  2. Straight Slip
  3. Cross Slip

Slice 4 Straight Outside Legs

Opponent does not have your heel rapped.  Block possible digs with other foot, then take the top position.  Block their hip to prevent them transitioning to Reverse Legs

Butt to butt and Standing defences

Slice 5 Cross Outside Legs on butt

How to free your heel using the other foot then pass entangled leg over to other side of opponents body to transition the position into Straight Outside Legs.

Slice 6 Reverse Legs 

  1. Side Mount Entry Defence
  2. Position Defence

Slice 7 Straight Single Leg K

  1. Standing Variation
  2. Kneeling Variation

Slice 8 Straight Inside Legs

Back Step

Slice 9 Cross Inside Legs

Turn Escape


Video 13 Counter Leg Locking

Slice 1 Single Leg X Counter Attack

  1. Straight & Cross Counters 
  1. CorkScrew, 
  2. Quick Heel Hook 
  3. Toe Hold attacks
  1. Leg Pummel Heel Hook

Slice 2 Straight Outside Leg

  1. Cork Screw
  2. 2. Heel Hook
  3. Pass Leg Over

Slice 3 Cross Inside Leg Switch

Slice 4 Cross Inside Leg Spaghetti Counter


Video 14 Sparring Uneditied


Video 15 Sparring Narrated