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10 Classes

15 Essential Techniques
1 Trap and Roll Escape – Mount
Wrist releases & Combat base
2 Guard Get-up (Standard; Super Lock)
Front Choke Defenses (Standard; Wall Pin)
3 Trap and Roll Extras (Spread Hand; Wrist Pin)
Wrist Releases – Inverted
4 Guard Get-up 2 (PBS Stage 1; Heavy Chest)
Super Slap (Front Choke; 2 on 1 Wrist Release)
5 Guard Get up 3 (Wrist Pin; Choke Variation)
Stop-Block-Frame (Distance; Block & Move; Frame)

Elbow Escape (Standard; Heel Drag)
Punch Protection (Distance Control; Clinch)
7 Guillotine Choke (Standing; Guard Pull; Sitting)
Rear Attack Defense 1 (Rear Choke)
8 Weapon Defense 1 (Kimura Knife; Gun)
Rear Attack Defense 2 (Rear Bear Hug)
9 Weapon Defense 2 (Straight Armlock Knife; Gun)
Hair Grab Defenses (Standing; Mount; Guard)
10 Triangle Choke (Giant Killer; Wrist Pin; Choke Variation)
Rear Naked Choke (Back Mount w/Hooks)

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The Gracie’s official self-defense program for women was developed to not only teach specific techniques, but also to focus on reflex development to ensure quick, deliberate reactions should the need ever arise. Stripe promotion indicates attendance to a minimum of 10 classes and at least 3 months of training as well as the development of these reflexes. Please keep in mind that these are minimum eligibility requirements and actual promotions are based on overall progress. To optimize growth, on and off the mat, consider the following:

• Focus on technique first. Speed comes with practice.
• Respect all students, and make safety your priority.
• Learn to defend yourself, so you won’t have to.
• Empower yourself. Then work to empower others.
• Deliberate repetitions lead to reflexive reactions.
• Wishing is a state of mind. Doing is a statement of fact.
• When nursing injuries, come to class and observe.
• Go beyond techniques; become a student of principles.
• Learn to become comfortable in worst case scenarios.
• Be eager to share/receive knowledge from anyone.
• Pace yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
• Learn to learn between the lines.
• Keep trying. Believe in yourself. Never give up.
• Bring a friend to try the class and get a free t-shirt!


Women’s Gracie Self-Defence Schedule