3rd Extra Combatives Class starting from March 2014

Saturdays 4:30 – 5:30pm at Watford Leisure Centre (same address as the other combative classes)

We are pleased to announce a 3rd Combatives Class each week will start from 1st March 2014. There will be no additional charge for our existing students plus at the moment we are still charging the same flat fee per month for new students which will include this 3rd extra class.

If you are interested in joining now is a really good time to start!

This third class will start from class #1

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[tagline_box link=”https://www.watfordgjj.co.uk/adult14day/” button=”Book” title=”Book your 14 day FREE no obligation trial..” description=”All you have to do is book your spot and turn up on the day and participate in the full class. We will loan you a Gi (uniform) for the duration of your free trial.”][/tagline_box]