Dear Students

Due to the extreme weather conditions we have decided its best to cancel the classes for today and tomorrow (Monday 18-7-22 & Tuesday 19-7-22).  With the forecast today and tomorrow being 37 & 39 degrees, it would mean temperatures in our academy would reach around 50 degrees which is to extreme for student to train in.  Our AC would not be able to cope with these temperatures.  The forecast says this heatwave will end after Tuesday so we will open as normal on Wednesday 20-7-22.  Sorry for this inconvenience, we are just trying to keep our students and staff safe.  We have lots of classes per week so everyone can make up their training time by coming to other classes.  Stay safe in this extreme weather and remember to drink 3 times your usual amount of water.  See you on Wednesday.

Kind Regards,

Ben Tippen
Head Instructor
Watford Gracie Jiu- Jitsu
Tel(UK): 0203 633 1333
Company Number: OC416134