Back in 1993 Royce Gracie was dominating Mixed Martial Arts with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and while Mike Tyson was in prison his boxing dominance still resonated with the globe. Many considered Tyson the most dangerous man in the world. In a recent appearance on UFC Tonight, the former boxing heavyweight champion said that’s not the case, Royce Gracie would have beaten him.

“Well, in ’93, I was in prison, so there would not have been a fight. But there is no way I would have won. I had no idea what was going on with that type of fighting and would’ve been taken by surprise. I would have had to train in that particular art of fighting for that to happen. That’s a particular art. You are not going to go in there with your just your hands, you need to have a great ground game as well. You also need a great wrestling game to be successful. You have to have both skills, wrestling and boxing. That’s the truth.”