FouseyTUBE, a YouTube channel, created an incredible video designed to open the eyes of the world when it comes to bullying – check it out before reading the rest of this article.

Watch the video above.

Isn’t it mad? That when someone is moments from being beat up directly infront of someone – nothing is done. If you asked your child the question ‘what would you have done in that situation?’ what would they say?

Their answer, would probably be help them. The strange thing is that put a child in the same situation for real, and there is a good chance that they may do nothing – and this applies just as much to adults as it does to kids!

So why? Why do we dis-associate ourselves from events like this? Even when they are happening right before our eyes.

It’s simple. It’s confidence.

If the fear of retaliation from the attacker is greater than the personal confidence someone has – their natural instinct is to protect themselves and get away form the situation. That’s just the way we are programmed. To survive.

So the answer, is to build the confidence to know that should the attacker turn their attention towards your child – or you – they know they will be safe, and this comes from learning how to effectively defend themselves in the first place.

Bullying starts with the kids, and therefore it must end with the kids. A school can only do so much. The best way to eradicate bullying is to either teach every child to defend themselves and be humble with the knowledge, or make intervention the normal thing to do.

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Ben Tippen
Head Instructor at Watford Gracie Jiu-Jitsu