Gracie University was created in 2008, and as of this month there are over 90,000 students learning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu online in 196 countries. In this important discussion, Ryron and Rener reveal, for the first time ever, how the advanced belt testing process (for purple belt and beyond) will take place for students who are learning online through Gracie University. They also discuss the significant differences between the online belt promotion process used for Gracie University students and the live belt promotion process used for Gracie Academy students as well as the strengths and limitations of each, along with the benefits of both learning via both methods (e.g. live CTC training and free access to Gracie University).

Whether you are a dedicated Gracie University student who is looking to understand more about your jiu-jitsu journey, or a regular person who is skeptical about the legitimacy of learning jiu-jitsu online, this video will be extremely insightful.

“If Helio Gracie did what he did without an instructor and without Gracie University laying the foundation, imagine what you could do with what you have access too!” — Rener Gracie

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